Tulip Tree Presents 1 year celebration!

As I am putting up a new calendar and a dry erase board (a gift from my daughters, probably sensing I need some order in my life!) it occurred to me that this week marks 1 year since I started this blog. I looked back in the archives and to be specific, this Saturday is the day I made my first post. Sooo, celebrations are in order!

How to celebrate? Well, how’s this. I’ve decided to unleash the Perpetual Creative Energy component of the blog as a way to pop the cork off the champagne bottle. The way it will work this time around is via your comments. I’d like to encourage and solicit your feedback about this blog, as I would really like to know, one year in what your thoughts and experiences with the blog are. In return, for every comment that you make, I will write your  name on a slip of paper. At the end of the week, I am going to tack all of the slips of paper with names on them on my wall and then throw a dart. Who ever’s name is hit by the dart wins. Easy!

Now, you probably want to know what you will win. Well, my idea of Perpetual Creative Energy is to support the many bands, charities and artists etc etc that this blog supports. So, this time around the winner (ie dart victim/winner) will get to choose one of the following items (some of my favorite things) that I will purchase on the winner’s behalf.

Perpetual Creative Energy prize choices this round:

Strummerville Documentary by Don Letts DVD
No One’s Fault But Your Own cd OR Live Session DVD + 7″ VINYL + album download DOWNLOAD from The Penny Black Remedy
Diamond in Dirt cd from The Yalla Yallas
Drunken Balordi debut cd from Drunken Balordi

And now, I have questions for you! You can make your comments to this post between now and Friday.

Answer any of the following to qualify having a dart thrown at your name:

What features and projects do you enjoy/gravitate most toward on this blog? Do you plan to participate more this year (if you don’t actively participate now)? If you don’t join in on projects, why not, and if you don’t, what draws you here? Any suggestions to help make the blog more enjoyable or more interactive? Or answer your own question, or share your own original thought that I haven’t planted in your head!

Dart will be thrown on Saturday and I will contact the winner then (be sure I know who you are and how to contact you) to make arrangements for your gift!